Public administration / Companies

Geminass is a company that supplies partial or total outsourcing solutions to Public Administration and companies interested in delegating to a specialized external structure the accident management concerning the “retained risks” , SIR - Self Insured Retention. 

The multi annual experience of collaboration with many Public Administrations and controlled/participated companies has let Geminass develop the ability to supply a global and high-performance service for the organizational and administrative requirements of the clients.

Furthermore Geminass has technologically advanced support structures and information systems able to supply statistical analysis and related reports useful to evaluate the development of costs of compensation and to monitor the network of medical experts, informants, lawyers which are all involved in the accident managing process.

Using the information system integrated with optical scan of the documents available to the clients, enables Geminass to verify and control in real time the accident in each step: investigating, management and clearance.

The Information Technology area of Geminass gives all the needed assistance to clients.
According to security and data storage, Geminass uses tested and certified Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery systems and procedures.

Geminass’s hallmarks, characterized by a professional reputation of the humans sources, by a high specialization in settlement of claims, by an over thirty years experience in management, handling and accident clearance in public administrations and companies, operates with a systematic and precise cost control from accidents and improves at the same time the consequential costs and benefits related to the costs of insurance.